About The Women’s Center

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Why a women’s center?

Over years of working with people, we have seen that women, in particular, need a soft and supportive atmosphere to flourish and grow. The Women’s Center of Carson City will be that gentle and nourishing environment. We will empower women in our community by giving them opportunities to develop an outer strength that will support and compliment their inner intuitive strength.

What is the mission of the women’s center?

The mission of the women’s center is to create a supportive environment for women in need, whether they are young women trying to support a family on their own, middle age women needing to re-enter the workforce, but without the skills or confidence to do so, or even elderly women who spend too much time alone each day and want to come together with others to learn and grow. This center is a stepping stone for these women to learn skills, gain confidence, and be a part of something creative, vibrant, and alive. Academic education is a long term plan for learning the skills needed to gain employment or start a career. Most women have an interest or a skill, or know a little bit about something because of life experiences. We want to help them take this knowledge, skill, or little bit of something and use it to create opportunities for them. This center, then, will be a short term plan for women to gain confidence and create an immediate revenue for themselves which can then easily go on to support and give life to long term plans for themselves, whether that plan is to create their own business, or to continue with their academic education, or just to create a small financial income to enhance or ease their situation while doing something they love. Even if someone wants to become an artist, the center will be a convenient way to start.

What will the women’s center consist of?

  1. Classes, seminars, events, workshops
  2. Tea house to support the center and bring people to the gallery.
  3. Boutique/Gallery to create a market for the women’s artwork, jewelry, goods, talents, …

What kind of services will the women’s center provide for the community?

  1. Classes to enhance arts and skills like painting, sewing, sculpting, jewelry making,…
  2. Classes to raise the consciousness of women like women’s health, nutrition, lifestyle, meditation,…
  3. Business classes like how to write a resume, what you need to start your own business, how to promote yourself, how to get a loan, or apply for scholarships
  4. Computer Basics for those of us who missed the technological age.
  5. Law seminars: For example, what a women needs to know for divorce, parental rights, simple wills, adoption,…
    (Classes and events will be offered free of charge with a suggested donation, for those who can afford them.)
  6. This center will be a place for women to network and promote themselves and their business ventures
  7. Support for women in general

Who will benefit from the women’s center?

  1. Women who are struggling because they are in a transitional period of their lives and need the support of a warm environment to move forward.
  2. Women who may not need to earn money, but need company or confidence, and want to be a part of something more.
  3. Women who want to help other women to make their own lives more meaningful.
  4. The professional woman who needs a place where she can tap into her creative female energy, to feel alive and refreshed, to maintain her spiritual and mental health.
  5. Any women in Carson City who frequents the center, to take classes, teach classes, sell their wares, network, socialize, play music, enjoy tea, work at the tea shop,
  6. Anyone, male or female, who visits the tea shop/gallery/boutique, or comes to enjoy events open to the public.

Who will be running the center?

  1. Initially, a group of men and women from Talia, all interested in the cause of bettering one’s quality of life.
  2. People who are local, and see and understand the necessity of this center.
  3. People with education, talent, and enthusiasm.

Everyone according to their ability and enthusiasm will participate to share their time, talent, or resources. Once the center is up and running, we expect many community women to become involved in the center as well. Many have already expressed their desire to contribute.

What It Will Take to Make the Center Possible

The Dollars and Cents

A generous benefactor, Samantha Payne has agreed to donate a portion of the selling price of her property (201 Fleischmann Way, Carson City, NV 89703) towards the women’s center. The price of the building is $210,000. Ms. Payne is donating $110,000 of the asking price. Talia will be responsible to pay $100,000. We have paid a down payment of $60,000 plus closing costs of $12,000 on the property on December 18th, 2015. We estimate it will cost an additional $100,000 to renovate the property for the center’s needs. The additional $40,000 will be paid over a period of seven years.

Purchase price: $100,000
Closing Costs: $12,000
Renovation: $100,000
Total Cost of Project: $212,000

Total Raised to Date
Loans: $50,000
Donations: $10,000

Total of Additional Funds Needed to Complete the Building and Repay Loans
$212,000 – $10,000

Fund Raising Progress

The form does not have Goals enabled.

If you are as excited about this project as we are and want to participate, you can bring it with your bicycle, send it with Santa Clause, drop it from an airplane, or you can send it online using a credit card or PayPal, or write us a check, and we will definitely send you the necessary documents you need for your taxes. All donations are fully tax deductible.

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