Happiness: The Essence of Your Being



“Whatever happens, whatever is here, is Existence. We can only understand Existence when we are not in the mind, when we are not in the past or the future. Understanding Existence requires us to be in the here and now and whenever we are in the here and now, we laugh and feel good. We are happy.” — SHARAM

Happiness: The Essence of Your Being is a window into Existence, or God. This book helps us to understand the ways of Reality, in turn allowing us to let go into whatever is happening. When we can genuinely accept all that is happening and all we are thinking and feeling, we live a happy life of fun and excitement. This book is a collection of one-on-one student sittings with Sharam, a contemporary spiritual master and mystic. It gives readers a “fly on the wall” perspective of how an enlightened being responds to the everyday issues of his students’ lives in relation to their spiritual growth. As Sharam maneuvers through the arguments of the mind and ego, we see how the understandings revealed by a master cause the ego-mind to gradually release its grip on us. This transformation opens the door to the love and happiness humanity yearns for.

Author: Sharam
Poetry: Shahed Harris
5.5″ x 8.5″ (13.97 x 21.59 cm)
Black & White
194 pages
ISBN: 978-0983987314