Happiness: The Name of Our Soul



Every person on earth is searching for happiness. For children, happiness comes naturally. They live in the moment and find joy in simple things. Their connection to their soul is strong and intact. As we age though, and it doesn’t take much aging maybe seven years or so, society’s conditionings take over. We lose the connection to our souls and adopt worldly beliefs about the source of happiness. We look to money, power, prestige, rightness, competition, or perfection to make us happy. Even our relationships are dominated by these desires, making real love difficult if not impossible. We keep seeking happiness, but in all the wrong places. It isn’t until a person achieves some of the things society values, but is still unhappy or their life becomes really hard that they turn inward, seeking happiness through self-discovery or God. These people are the lucky ones. At first, it is hard—erasing these conditionings—but gradually, the door to our soul reopens, revealing the light and joy that was always there. Misery doesn’t stand a chance against the power of the soul.

Happiness: The Name of Your Soul is a guide to opening the door to your soul, to your happiness. In it, you will discover why people find it so hard to truly love and trust themselves and others. Sharam helps us to see how we separate ourselves from our true nature or our soul. More importantly, he makes the path out of the darkness of our egos and personalities clear and shows us the way into the light of our soul-the light of deep joy, understanding, and love.

Author: Sharam
8.5″ x 8.5″ (21.59 x 21.59 cm)
126 pages
ISBN: 978-0960004713